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I love the precision of using weight rather than volume to measure for baking recipes, especially when I’m converting a recipe from wheat-y to gluten-free.  Gluten-free flours have a range of weights (sorghum flour is pretty light; potato starch is pretty heavy), and the goal is to get the weight the same as the weight of the wheat flour in the recipe would be. (Standard, all-purpose wheat flour is 125 grams per cup.) Also, using weight eliminates the differences in volume created by how compressed your flours are stored, how much moisture your flours have in them, etc. You’ll find that I include both volume and weight measurements in most baking recipes so that you can use either method. If you’re having trouble with a recipe, weighing out the ingredients can help you figure out what may be off.  With recipes such as bread, that can be particularly important.

Of course, a kitchen scale also comes in handy if your existing recipe calls for measurements by weight, if you are tracking your food intake carefully, or if you’re just curious how much a kitchen item weighs.

I have a slim kitchen scale that I love! It’s petite–perfect for my little LA kitchen; it is very precise (weighing down to 1 g accurately); and it can weigh fairly heavy amounts (up to 9 pounds, 14 oz.). And a week from now, I’m giving one away to one of you so that you (or your family member or friend or whoever) can also have the consistency of measuring flours by weight, as well.  You have several options on how to enter:

  • ‘Like’ Tilth on Facebook and leave a comment on one of the questions on the wall or discussion board there (1 entry). (People who have already liked Tilth on Facebook need only leave a comment to get an entry.)
  • Tweet about what you like about Tilth to your followers on Twitter, linking to me (@tilthforhealth) at the same time so that I can record your entry (1 entry).
  • Forward the Tilth September newsletter (with recipes, trouble-shooting, tips, and info on upcoming events–sign up to get it here) on to at least five friends whom you think might find it useful, copying me on it as well so that I can record your entry (1 entry). (Don’t worry–I will never spam the people you email. I just need proof of you doing it.)
  • Blog about what you like about Tilth and about this contest, including the methods of entry for others to see, and email me (sally@tilthforhealth.com) a link to the post (3 entries).

You can enter as many of these ways as you want. I’ll draw for the winner at 6 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, September 5th, so get your entries in before then!

Tilth : Creating Fertile Ground for Good Health : tilthforhealth.com


  1. I like you on Facebook!

  2. Many thanks for all the entries through Facebook, Tweets, newsletter mailings, and blog posts! Sarah Meyer won, and I’ve emailed her for her address. :)

    We’ll have another giveaway soon.

  3. Victoria /

    I was wondering if you have posted the receipe for the Gluten-free, dairy-free lasagna. Thanks.

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